From full exterior liquid cladding systems to waterproofing roof areas and interior concrete floors, Viano protects both the outside and inside of your home from moisture.


For the past decade Viano has used the best liquid coating systems to produce the best waterproofing results. Our liquid waterproofing membrane, "Liquid Blue Skin" (LBS), is a superior product that lasts longer than any other moisture protection coatings.

We understand the frustrations and concerns around 'Leaky Building Syndrome', which is when a building is found to not be adequately watertight or weatherproof. Home owners can face huge expenses when they discover that their building is leaking and are advised to re-clad the exterior – however re-cladding is not the only solution. Our Liquid Blue Skin is a completely watertight and robust system that will provide you with effective protection against weather, for merely a fraction of the cost. 

Viano's highly skilled technicians are fully trained to apply the best liquid waterproofing membrane systems available in New Zealand. Viano will protect your investment and ensure that it will stand up to mother nature’s worst weather.

If you suspect that you have a leaky building, click here for more information or contact us to request a consultation.


"Never a problem, always a solution!"

- Mike Castagna, Director, Viano Coatings

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